Angel Costume For Toddler Girl

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Finding the perfect Halloween costume can sometimes require a lot of effort. You want to find a costume that’s not only creative but one that your toddler girl will love as well. The perfect costume for a toddler means finding one that’s comfortable, easy to slip off and on and can withstand the wear and tear from an active little one.

If you’re shopping for the costume for a little toddler girl, it can be very tempting to pick up the latest Disney princess costume, especially if it’s one of the more recent popular ones. Of course, there are also the tried and true favorites like Snow White costume, Belle costume, and Halloween Cinderella princess dress for girls.

But the most popular toddler costume for girls this year is something more halo inspiring than a princess, it is the Angel costume for the toddler girl and it’s easy to see why.

This cute all white costume features a tulle flounced out skirt and a ruffled off the shoulder top. Along with the dress, you also get the wings with this costume. The wings are small and can easily be removed. If you want bigger wings or a more feathered look, you can buy wings separately.

The headband supports the fluffy white halo. Since the costume doesn’t come with the leggings, you’ll want to buy those. It also doesn’t come with shoes. If you want to add to the look of the angel costume, you can purchase a toy harp to go along with it. Some parents who live in the cooler areas added a white shirt beneath the costume for added warmth.

The dress is comfortable and easy to put on. Because of the tulle fabric on the skirt, you’ll need to hand wash this costume if it gets dirty. This costume also can be used for other occasions like kids parties or pageants.

Another angel costume you can get is the Child’s Angel Costume Kit, for toddler 12 to 24 Months. Because it’s a kit, this is a complete costume. With this one, you’ll get not only the tutu and wings but also the white tights.

You also get the headband halo. There are shoes available that go with the costume but they don’t come as part of the kit. However, you can purchase the glitter flats at the same time.

If you’re looking for a longer angel costume, you can get the Haunted House Child’s Angel Costume. This one comes with the dress and has a long white sash for the waist. It also comes with a halo headband. However, if you want the wings or the wand, you’ll have to get them separately.


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